A History of Growth

Cochise Capital, LLC is a family-owned and operated real estate investment company, located in West Los Angeles, California, which targets both value-add and stabilized multi-family properties in high-demand coastal communities.

Owned by David M. Talla and Rex A. Licklider, the Talla and Licklider families founded Cochise Capital. From developing 100,000 square foot high end fitness facilities throughout the United States, to 300,000 square foot luxury condominiums, to developing luxury coastal single-family estates, to syndicating multi-family investments, Cochise Capital has extensive knowledge in real estate investment. With close to 80 years of experience between them, Messrs. Talla and Licklider have refined their investment activities to focus on a specific real estate investment stratagem now employed by Cochise Capital, LLC – identify, acquire, and manage top performing multi-family real estate assets with strong cash-on-cash returns while building long-term value.

Capital Under Management
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