Acquisition Strategy

A Process for Expansion

From Southern California to several coastal communities in Southern Florida, Cochise Capital assembled a substantial portfolio of multifamily assets. Despite the success, Cochise Capital is not a family secret. Several of our multi-family property deals have been syndicated with the Tallas or the Lickliders heavily investing on the same terms as they offer to others.

Since 2019, Cochise Capital has added the Southern Florida market, namely from Palm Beach County to Dade County, to our target markets. Our initial market participation indicated that our experience in Southern California could be immediately replicated in South Florida. Further market participation proved that indication correct. Multi-family buildings with sub-market rents were available at attractive pricing for purchasers who understood how to realize a property’s potential. Specific locations, product knowledge, discipline, and the ability to deploy capital quickly and decisively is what keeps Cochise Capital ahead of the competition.

$ 1.2 B
Capital Under Management
Specific Location Expertise
Product Knowledge & Discipline
Quickly & Decisively Deploy Capital

Deal Origination & Qualification

Deal Acquisition & Stabilization Process

Pre Deal
Submarket Analysis, Rent & Sale Comparable, Proforma Review
Property Identification
Locate Prospective Property, Financial Structuring & Analysis, Negotiation of Terms & Conditions, Decisions on Purchase & Open Escrow
Due Diligence
Complete Underwriting of Deal, Perform Property Inspections, Collect Books & Records, Review Operating History
Raise Funds & Close
Establish Holding Entity, Raise Limited Partner equity, Acquire Financing, Finalize Documentation & Close Escrow
Asset Management
  • Collect Rents, Maintain Tenant Relations, & Negotiate New Leases
  • Continual Appraisal of Property & Market
  • Disperse Distributions to Limited Partners
  • Quarterly Property Reports Provided to Investors
  • Refinance and Maintain Books & Records