933 Alamitos Avenue

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Property Snapshot

933 Alamitos Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90813
Purchase Price
Number of Units
Projected IRR

The property was built in 1945, andis in close proximity tothe Downtown Long Beach area where there has been a tremendous amount of population and employment growth. It has a total of 12 units all of which are Two Bed + One Bath, along with a gated entry and on-site laundry.

Once the rehab is complete, the property will have

  • New paint throughout
  • New front doors on rehabbed units
  • New house numbers
  • New front door keyless entry/handles/hardware on rehabbed units LED flood lights
  • New wood cladding on perimeter gate
  • New landscaping
  • New tenant mailbox system
  • We have completed rehab on the exterior and 2 of the 12 interior units. Of the 2 units that have completed rehab, we have re-leased them at rents 33% greater than previously in place.